Ship Repairs, Underwater Works, Oil Tanker Cleaning & Cargo Holds Cleaning


We trust that the information contained in this website can serve as an easy reference and guide to our network of shipyards, shiprepairers and the services our company offers to carry out your repairs, drydockings and projects for your ships worldwide. We also handle emergency cases as well.

By entrusting our company to take care of your plans and projects, we shall respond with the highest standard professionalism, honoring your trust and delivering what we promise.

What we promise:

  • To honor our commitments
  • To attend to satisfying our client’s needs and expectations
  • To work proactively by following up on all stages of contracts, aiming to add value as far as possible
  • To focus on our client’s business strategy
  • To remain consistent on services and on pricing.

How do we deliver what we promise:

  • By monitoring market conditions
  • By understanding our client’s needs and requirements
  • By making clear the key elements of each project to all parties involved
  • By understanding and following up on all the major stages of each project with know how and the experience of our professional background
  • By listening to all parties involved

We sincerely believe the experience and professional standards of Lambos Maritime Overseas Ltd. justifies an effective and professional solution and we look forward to cooperating with your company on your future projects.