Ship Repairs, Underwater Works, Oil Tanker Cleaning & Cargo Holds Cleaning

Shiprepairs in Mainland China

During the time elapsed since the origin of the present depression the
Shiprepairs Market in China is beginning to show signs of progressive
recovery with consequent trends for increased Prices etc however these signs
may not withstand for long.

Although all the major Shipyards in Mainland China are presently quiet busy
the fact is that the majority of the Vessels perform short Drydocking
periods with limited amount of Works leaving the Shipyards eager to compete
for Vessels with sufficient Scope of Works and therefore are ready to
squeeze Drydocking slots as necessary.

The usual competition between Chinese Shipyards will always prevail despite
efforts of increasing their Prices therefore it is expected that Owners may
continue to secure till the end 2010 discounted Price Levels etc.

Our Company through more than 20 years of long term cooperation and personal
relations with the Management of certain Shipyards is always in a position
to secure favorable Terms & Conditions for our Clients ensuring that their
Projects are completed to Owners’ satisfaction. In more detail kindly find
below a List of Mainland China Shipyards which are securing for us Dockspace
and Services in priority:

North China:
QINGDAO BEIHAI SHIPYARD – Facilities for Drydocking up to VLCCs

Shanghai Area:
CHENGXI SHIPYARD – Facilities for Drydocking up to Capesizes
HRDD – HUARUN DADONG DOCKYARD – Facilities for Drydocking
upto Capesizes

Ningbo Area:
ZHOUSHAN IMC YY SHIPYARD – Facilities for Drydocking up to VLCCs

South China:
GUANGZHOU DOCKYARDS CO. LTD. – Facilities for Drydocking up to VLCCs

Our competitive Services are offered also in other Ports and Locations