Ship Repairs, Underwater Works, Oil Tanker Cleaning & Cargo Holds Cleaning


JURONG SHIPYARD offers their expertise for Shiprepairs, Shipbuilding, Conversions, Rigs Building and Offshore Engineering

Vessel’s Particulars:
Loa: 333m
Br: 60.04m
Dwt: 319.250t

Main Items of her DD/Repairs

  • Drydocking

JURONG SHIPYARD offer their expertise in Shiprepairs, Shipbuilding, Conversions, Rig Building and Offshore Engineering


They operate 4 Docks totalling 1.1 million dwt in capacity and berthing facilities totalling 2,728m in length.


Vessels that they have DD/Repaired include ULCCs, VLCCs, LPGs, LNGs, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Container Vessels etc.


Facilities include Nr. 1 Graving Dock 270m x 40m for Vessels up to 100,000 Dwt, Nr. 2 Graving Dock 350m x 56m for Vessels up to 300,000 Dwt, Nr. 3 Graving Dock 380m x 80.2m for Vessels up to 500,000 Dwt and Nr. 5 Graving Dock 335m x 56m for Vessels up to 200,000 Dwt.